Makassar SEAscreen Academy South East Asia and East Indonesia Regional Cinema


Makassar South East Asia Screen Academy is a training and development programme initiated by the Director Riri Riza and Rumata’ Art Space since 2012.   Aiming to be the space to spark and spread ideas and develop talents through collaboration and interactions among South East Asian filmmakers.   Alongside having the objective to develop the film industry in the East Indonesian region,  SEAscreen academy is a cinema cultural exchange for Asia and South East Asia in particular.

During its 4 years journey of  holding the event, SEAScreen Academy has provided trainings to more than 40 aspiring filmmakers, selected based on their achievements and their involvement within the community of East Indonesian filmmakers.  The trainings cover workshop for short films, seminars,  directorial  masterclasses, cinematography classes and also film screenings and discussions.  Attendees also learn essential things on becoming a filmmaker through interactions with filmmakers from Singapore, Malaysia, Phillippine, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia, who came to Makassar and shared their personal experience and their native country culture.

We need not to study far,  South East Asia is a good example of the development of regional cinemas,  for example in  Philippine ,  a movement of small film industry has arisen,  namely in Mindanao or Cebu, in a characteristic and aesthetics which is uniquely its own.  In Jogjakarta, another example,  the movement of  its film community has developed into a film industry built upon education, production and exhibitions not only through festivals but also mainstream cinema.  Hopefully Makassar will take its position and become the next exemplary movement,  showcasing its aesthetics and professionalism.

In the already open and advanced world,  the idea to empower the human resources from all over Indonesia, specifically in the East Indonesia regions is a path we decided to take.  Through activities with people to people interactions will take place and many information exchanged in a friendly anda familiar atmosphere.

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