We are Back with a Unique Program and a Rare Opportunity


This year we are back with a unique program and a rare opportunity.

SEAscreen Academy is a program that facilitates the exchange of knowledge, inspiration, and experience about and around the world of film. The film we talk about are films that believe in effectively … and reaches a wide audience, films that showcase the maker’s culture, films that are true portrayal of society.

Rumata’, with the support of the city government of Makassar, present this initiative: Makassar SEAscreen Academy, a five-day intensive filmmaking workshop.

The instructors are renowned filmmakers in South East Asia: Liao Jie Kai (Singapore), Teddy Soeriaatmadja (Indonesia), Ho Yuhang (Malaysia), UPI (Indonesia), Kamila Andini (Indonesia) and Pimpaka Towira (Thailand). These are filmmakers with unique positions in the film world of Asian and South East Asian regions.Teddy Soeriaatmadja, for one, with his major production Lovely Man, is one of the most talked about films at an international level, and has won several awards in Indonesia. Taking part in this academy is also an important interaction for them, and it may be the start of future collaboration and a new movement of Asian film in the near future.

As part of this year’s SEAscreen Academy, there will also be an event that is open to all film enthusiasts in Makassar that we call SEAscreen Forum. This is a one-day program that provides space for discussions, conversations and presentations about different interesting and relevant issues of the film world whether in Indonesia, in Asia, and internationally. The conversations will use popular language, but will nevertheless present significant thoughts for film enthusiasts attending the forum.

We hope that Makassar SEAscreen Academy will be an annual forum that selectively invites talented filmmakers from South East Asia, especially Eastern Indonesia to take part. We also hope that Makassar SEAscreen Academy will be a significant contribution to the film world of Indonesia, one that shows a multicultural Indonesia.

Thank you for your participation and support for Makassar SEAscreen Academy.

Riri Riza
Founder of Makassar SEAscreen Academy
Director of Rumata’artspace Makassar